Introducing… Victoria Sponge Cake

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Introducing Victoria Sponge Cake may seem like an anomaly if you are British and grew up in England, but recently I've found out, living outside England for the last 6 years, that not many people know about this wonderful, tasty and simple cake. A classic cake from England reminiscent of drinking tea on the lawn in the summer around 4pm, with a nice slice of this cake is actually quintessentially (high English for typical) English. OK ! enough big words, what exactly is this cake and why is it so popular? I first introduced it to my colleagues when asked to make a cake for a colleague that was leaving, first of all, everyone was a bit diplomatic, wondering what sort of cake it was, with cream and jam sipping outside and then one person tasted it and that was it, it was gone. So for the next leaving do, guess what ? "Lameen, can you please bring a cake, but…

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