Welcome to A TASTY BLOG. COM about all things tasty for your stomach of course. Why “A Tasty” ? Well ! It sounds nice doesn’t it and I just wanted to focus on food that is tasty, not just what looks good, but what is tasty. My principle, is that if it looks good and doesn’t taste good, then it isn’t worth – after all what’s the point of spending all that time in the kitchen and then it looks good but doesn’t taste nice. OK ! I think you’ve got my point, so this will God willing, not just be another food blog, but one that focuses on taste… hey ! that’s the origin of the blog, “a tasty” – I digress somewhat, but it would be about celebrating the love, look and taste of food and I promise you some good photos on delicious food that both looks and tastes good from around the World. For my first pic, look at that array of cakes.


I didn’t bake any of these, but they are from one of my favourite coffee shops in London – Fernandez and Wells, Soho.