So where do I start ? With breakfast of course and I thought I would run through the basics of making one of my favourite breakfast drinks, the "smoothie". What could be more healthy and tasty than a glass full of your favourite fruit all squashed up to go down easily than your throat. I usually make smoothies quite often during the summer when there's easier access to fresh fruit, but with my kids, who already know the good stuff, insisting that they only like daddy's smoothie and insist on me making it every week, I have now broken with tradition. However, in the winter, it is still easy to get fruits like bananas (Europe's favourite fruit) and pineapple (my favourite fruit). Of course you can buy frozen fruit but it isn't the same.  


OK ! I digress naturally as my taste buds began to water with the thought of a smoothie. Ok ! back to the basics of smoothies. If you have ever watched people making smoothies especially in cafes, you will notice that they pop fruit into a blender with ice blocks (or ice cubes). However, this is the first mistake – how can you "water" down the natural taste of fruit with water ? 

So, the first thing is to get your favourite fruit and cut it up into bit size pieces and put into a freezer bag and pop it into the freezer, thereby escaping the need to add ice cubes to give your smoothie that icy taste and look. After all, you want to get the maximum taste from the fruit. The first thing is therefore to throw your fresh frozen fruit into the blender;

You then need to compliment this with some natural protection, Vitamin C, like fresh orange juice or a very good shop (store) bought orange juice. You need this to pulse with the frozen fruit for a few seconds until you get what should look like a pulp.

Another pointer is to avoid using sugar or sugar syrups, as not all fruit once blended, tastes that great when mixed with other stuff. So what is the secret ? Apple Juice. Why ? Because once juiced, apple produces the naturally sweetest fruit juice. So, avoid the sugar syrups and use a bit of Apple Juice to add that natural sugar to your smoothie. 

Finally, compliment your frozen fruit with a very fresh ripe fruit, like bananas – this will give it a nice taste. 

There are other things like fresh mint sprigs if you can get them, which has a nice feeling for your tummy (or stomach).  

Et Voila ! You'll get this lovely looking smoothie with layers of frozen bits mixed with fresh fruit and juice.


In summary, the recipe for a classic smoothie goes like this

160g or big handful of ice fruit (like pineapple or strawberries)
250ml of fresh orange juice
125ml of apple juice
1 and a half very fresh/freckled banana or 2 bananas if you want it thicker
Few sprigs of fresh mint
A very good blender that can handle crushing iced fruit
Makes about 600ml, enough for 4 juice glasses or 2 tall glasses

These are guidelines but feel free to alter the measurements making sure that you pay close attention to balancing the liquid and fruit measurements, so that it isn't too liquid or too thick.