Impress Your Friends – this is category in which I will share with you some secrets on how to "impress your friends" with very simple but impressive recipes or ideas.

Naturally growing wild from Iran to India and also grown in northern Africa and now in California, Pomegranates are now one of those trend fruits. One of those fruits that have been known for 100s of years as being good for you to the locals but then someone from the "rich" World discovers it and suddenly it becomes a trend. From a healthy perspective it has potassium, vitamin C and is rich in anti-oxidants – OK ! what was that last bit ? The stuff that helps your body fight of toxins and body depleting diseases like cancer, so supposedly if you eat a lot, you should be well on your way to fighting off bad stuff from invading your body – Well ! if you look after your body and maintain a healthy lifestyle of course. It is also one of the very few fruits mentioned in the Koran, the Muslim holy book, so it has, since time immemorial, been an honoured fruit. So, how do you eat it and why does it look good ? 

First things first, get your ex-colleague from Tunisia to send you a bunch of pomegranates from his farm and hey presto, experiment with your pomegranate. Well, although that happened to me luckily, it is easier to go and buy it from the shop and as it is in season now, it shouldn't be too hard to find. Get your pomegranate, cut it open half ways, turn upside down and smack it really hard over a bowl, and the seeds will drop down like water. Remove any white bits and only keep the red seeds. 

Look at this picture, the ruby red seeds glossed over with rich Greek Yoghurt and a dash of clear honey. This is the natural way to eat it as recommended by moi. The good stuff is actually in the pomegranate seed – the white pip – this is where all the vitamins and nutrients are, so eating it fairly natural is a good way to gain as much from it as possible, well with a bit of honey and yoghurt. Why ? you may ask, am I mixing it with some thick high fat content food like Greek yoghurt and natural honey. First of all, looks are not everything. Pomegranates look great but they have a very sharp, slightly bitter after taste, so the honey cuts through the sharpness of the taste. Secondly, yoghurt is naturally good for you in fighting stomach bugs and so are the white pips inside the pomegranate seed. Here, we come to one of the natural laws of food eating – it is always good to compliment, where possible, food items that have the same traits, so in this case, the yoghurt and pomegranate seed are good for your tummy (What English people call your stomach). So, there is some logic to my encouraging you to mix these ingredients together, plus it tastes good together – after all food is all about tasting good too.

You can also sprinkle pomegranate seeds over cereals – the healthy versions of course like this bowl of crunchy Swiss Muesli, along the lines of complimenting healthy food items together. You can impress your friends if you invite them over for breakfast with these options. You can also put a handful of pomegranates into a saucepan with 2 dessert spoons of brown sugar and heat until just a bit syrupy, 10 minutes should do it, and you can use this molasses looking syrup to spoon over fish dishes or chicken breast dishes. You can also sprinkle pomegranate seeds over a salad to add colour and to colour a rice dish towards the end with some raisins, to give it that impressive look and to "impress your friends", so they can say Wow ! you're a real genius in the kitchen (insert name here).