I am not really a fan of store bought chocolate and usually prefer to eat chocolate in cake form, but on a trip to buy freshly roasted coffee from my favourite coffee roaster in Vienna, the owner was so impressed by my enthusiasm in coffee (well ! I do have a coffee website and blog called www.fromcoffeewithlove.com ) that he gave me a free chocolate, Tartufo Dolce di Alba, from his recent trip to Italy. I thought, what a good gesture. As soon as I got back to the office and discovered that I didn't have my usual daily dessert, I promptly opened the little bar of chocolate and the first thing I noticed was the smell, WOW ! I haven't really thought that much about truffles, but looking carefully at the chocolate wrapper, I noticed that the hazelnut chocolate I was about to bite into had a small amount of one of the most expensive food items, Italian truffles (tartufo in Italian), an edible fungus from a living fossil or genus, called a Tuber. 


The smell was so intense, my mind drifted as to what the chocolate would taste like and then I bit into it. I wasn't disappointed, "fantastic" and I usually reserve that adjective for only very special occasions or experiences. It was like the smell of the chocolate was an appetizer for the main course, the chocolate itself. Not only was the taste sublime, but the chocolate just melted in my mouth. Now I know why this chocolate was expensive at 0.80 cents ($1.10) a pop, but you only need one at a time to really appreciate it. 

So impressed, I went back to the shop and bought two types, a white (bianco in Italian) chocolate one and a dark chocolate (nero in Italian) one. 


Highly recommended if you can find it and worth the money.