Still on an experimental vibe, I'm going to share with you my second ever own self-made recipe, Apple Lasagne. First of all, just to clarify, I'm calling this "lasagne" because of the principle of lasagne, which is layers upon layers of some sort of pastry sandwiched between something, which in this case will be butter puff pastry and apple. So, there I was thinking what can I make that's simple for dessert after dinner. I have some apples and newly bought butter puff pastry, and I am in my "for my next experiment…." mood. I roll out about 330g of butter puff pastry, thinning it with my silicon pastry roller  


I then use my 20" (20 cm diameter spring-form) baking tin to cut three circles as these will be the lasagne sheets. The thing to remember with butter puff pastry is the "puff" in it – by this I mean if you want your puff pastry to stay flat, you need to place something heavy on it whilst it is baking. First, bake the base by placing one of the 20cm butter puff pastry sheet at the bottom of the 20cm spring-form pan. On top of this, place a baking sheet and something weighty like two ramekins on top and put it into a 200C oven for about 10 minutes. You need to do this, because you are going to place juicy apples on top of this sheet and you want it quite firm so that the juicy apples don't leak juices and make the bottom sheet dampish. 

Whilst the bottom sheet cools for about 10 minutes, get your apples ready. If you have an apple cutter press down to slice two apples into parts, after which, take the skin of and slice very thinly. 
You will need a very sharp knife to cut these apple slices as you want them like half a centimetre thin, almost as thin as the knife. 
Get together about 100g caster sugar and also about 50g of butter cut into about 8 pieces. Now, start the process, which I promise you should take about 5 minutes. Lay in one layer the apples slices on top of the recently baked pastry sheet, then sprinkle some sugar, together with four pieces of butter (about a 5cm cube or top part of your finger size), then cover with the second pastry sheet. Repeat again with sliced apples, top with sprinkle of sugar and place in the oven with a baking sheet and weights like two ramekins. Place in the oven for about 10 minutes, then remove and place the final sheet, but with this time, sprinkle the remaining sugar on top, because you want a burnt sugar glaze on top that will give your apple lasagne a crunchy tight top. Place in the oven until the top gets very brown, but don't let it get burnt. So give it about 5-7 minutes.

Let it rest for about 3-4 minutes and release the spring-form, et voila, Apple Lasagne. Slice and serve with freshly whipped cream, hmmm !   

you can leave it out for about two days, after which, place in the fridge.

So in summary what do you need;

330g butter pastry
100g caster sugar
50g butter
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
2 big juicy apples
20cm Spring-form pan

Oven at 200C

Recipe inspired  by moi.