Italian Brekkie (Breakfast), originally uploaded by Lameen.

My version of an Italian inspired breakfast, with souffle style omelette on ciabatta bread, topped with fresh rucola and garnished with balsamic vinegar cream. Before making the souffle eggs, turn on the grill until it is quite hot, then break 3 eggs, but separate the egg yolks and the egg white – you beat the egg white until white and fluffy, mix in the egg yolks, place into a medium hot frying pan, cook for about 2 minutes, place under the hot grill and watch the eggs puff up, careful that it doesn't burn on top. If you want, place grated cheese on top of the eggs and when it has melted, remove from the pan and voila, it is done. Place on top of day old ciabatta, topped with fresh rucola and balsamico cream, bellissimo.