Ok ! I'm going to add another category in which I'll share new products that I find or that I might be lucky to have been given – aren't you lucky. OK ! first up is Orange Curd – Yes ! that is spelt right. 


"Curd" is basically like a jam but with egg yolks and butter thrown in, so that it doesn't have a clear look but a "curdled look". Curds are quite popular in the UK, but it is usually made with lemons and during the christmas season, you can make curd with cranberries, which I did a while back before I got into snapping away at food. However, I've never heard of orange curd before and so when my mum said I've got a present from you, orange curd, I thought "hmmm… ok, I'm up for the challenge" Wow ! I'm sure glad that I tried it, because it's a really lovely creation. It has a smooth orange taste that just melts in your mouth and glosses your tongue – something that makes you look forward to having toast in the morning, spread with orange curd. I actually spread mine on freshly baked brioche – recipe in the previous post.

This orange curd is actually made by Haas & Haas, a famous Viennese tea house, located behind the famous St Stephen's Cathedral in the heart of Vienna at Stephansplatz. So if you happen to visit Vienna, head for Haas & Haas, try some coffee and don't leave until you buy some orange curd.