You will forgive me for not meeting my weekly post target, but I was on my travels again. This time I was in southern Africa, Windhoek, Namibia, which for those who are bad at geography is the country on the Atlantic Ocean side of Africa, just above South Africa, bordering Botswana to the right and Angola to the top. 

OK ! As you know, I love desserts and my absolute minimum is one a day. So, feeling peckish around lunch time, I wandered into a supermarket and spotted dozens of what looked like one of my favourite tarts, so I said to the sales lady "Pasteis de Nata ?" and she said "Yes!" amusingly, and I picked one. As soon as I got back to my guest house, I took a few pics to share the delight of my excitement with you and plunged my teeth into the flaky custard tart, hmmmm ! Now ! I wished I had bought 2, but too bad, so I savoured every little bit, flaky pastry and custard bits. Now ! I've got to make these some time. What a wonderful creation…. thank you God.