Mini Crumble Apple Cake, originally uploaded by Lameen.

Another tasty experiment. I was thinking how can I make mini apple crumbles that have a slight cake effect, whereby as opposed to this separation between apple/fruit and crumble, they could be sort of meshed together and so I thought….. How will you look like Mini Crumble Apple Cake.

OK ! let's play with the apples first. Take two apples, skin them, shred one with a grater and cut the other into as tiny pieces as possible, mix with about 1 dessert spoon of caster sugar and some ground cinnamon. Place the apple mixture equally into 4 lightly greased ramekins – Le Creuset if you have them.


For the Crumble: Now ! it so happened that for dinner that night I was making something that only needed egg whites from 2 eggs, so as I hate to waste stuff, I thought I've got two egg yolks to play with. So mix together about 100g plain flour, 50g not too soft butter, 2 dessert spoons of sugar and 2 egg yolks and you should be able to get a crumbly mixture together after some severe meshing with a fork – I recommend using a fork to make the crumble because egg yolks and your hands aren't going to go well nor smell nice afterwards. In any case, you should get this yellowish crumble like texture.


As the baking time won't be long in 4 ramekins, you need to bake the apple mixture in the ramekins for about 10 minutes first on 180C. Take them out and share half the crumble mixture equally between the 4 ramekins pushing the mixture with a fork so that it meshes with the apples. Spread the other half afterwards but don't press to tight as you still want the crumble texture on top.


Bake for another 10 minutes until the crumble get burnt brownish on top.

Serve with mascarpone on top or upside down – for the latter, you need to turn the ramekin upside down on to a plate and beat slightly. 


It taste delicious both ways of course. Enjoy !

Inspired by Moi