Strawberry Vacherin After, originally uploaded by Lameen.

Well ! It's like a meringue made with strawberries and it's so simple, you won't believe it and it taste great too. Ideal as a compliment to home made ice cream, because you need egg yolks for ice cream (recipe for this on next post I promise, God willing) and you don't want to waste egg whites. So what do you do ?

Simple, whisk 3 egg whites until soft, then add 100g caster sugar and whisk until thick. Hull 4 fresh strawberries and mash them with about one dessert spoon of caster sugar and fold it gently into the egg whites mixture. 
I added 4 crushed pink peppercorns, but this is an option – my touch entirely to get a contrast of the sweet strawberry with the spicy peppercorn.

After that stir gently and place about 8 moulds onto a lined baking sheet into a 150C oven. Bake for about 40 minutes until the meringue structure is firm on top and not soft when you push at the sides. Take out of the oven, wait to cool and gently peel of the baking sheet. A word of caution, this isn't going to look very pretty, because the meringue is not supposed to be stiff like a biscuit, but don't worry and just follow one of my main food philosopies "if doesn't look great but taste amazing, then it's fine as it's what it tastes like that counts" In fact, my daughter already knows this and when I tried to serve this to guests, I was a bit worried, but she reminded me about my philosopy – daughters – always looking to comfort their dads.

OK ! if you want to serve this, ask people first if they want it, and then put it onto a plate and cover with ice cream, like I did. They'll forget about the look and the taste will carry their taste buds away.

So, a snapshot for this tasty dessert;

3 egg whites, whisked till soft peaks appear
100g caster sugar
4 strawberries crushed using the back of a fork with one dessert spoon of caster sugar
5 crushed pink peppercorns

Bake for 40 mins on 150C

Serve with Vanilla, Chocolate or Strawberry Ice Cream

Inspired by a recipe in Bill Granger's "Feed Me Now "