Last week a colleague asked for a chocolate cake for her son's birthday and I instantly thought "chocolate cake is always a hit with kids" so that was done. However, my dilemma was what sort of chocolate icing. I scanned through as many cook books and magazines as possible, but wasn't satisfied with what I saw and thought "I want it to be simple, but spreadable and thick", so here's my version of chocolate icing.
Get a large sauce pan and place it on the stove on low to medium heat
Place 50g (or two heaped table spoons of unsalted butter) into pan
Followed by 200g of dark chocolate (at least 60% cocoa solids) broken into pieces
and 2 dessert spoons of cream
Let the chocolate and butter melt slowly and then stir in the cream with a wooden spoon…
keep stirring until the whole mixture emulsifies and is one, making sure there are no lumps so that the mixture is like silky chocolate soup – this should take no more than 5 minutes and you don't want the mixture to be anywhere near boiling as this will destroy the chocolate.
Take of the heat and let it cool.
When you want to spread it, make sure it is like soft butter, something that won't drip when you spread and something that won't be too hard that it will rip the cake. 
If you leave it out for about 1 hour (in winter) it will become hard again. But don't worry, just put the mixture back into a pan back onto low heat, stir until the mixture loosens again. If you are in a rush and forgot to make the icing on time for a cake to be eaten in an hour and it's summer, then let it cool for about 20 minutes and put it in the fridge, checking it about every 5 minutes until it is spreadable like butter.
The icing should be enough to cover a 22cm sandwich cake, including the middle. I promise you in the not too far future, a recipe for chocolate sandwich cake.
Inspired by moi.