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Well ! What do you do when you've got all this Madagascan Bourbon vanilla pods/bean. First up, I made vanilla & cinnamon french toast, see two posts ago, I put it in stews, I used it for a latte and to make vanilla tea, but of course, I had to use it for ice cream. Usually, most recipes call for one vanilla pod, per 1 litre of ice cream, but for me, I thought, let's get really vanilla, and I used 3 vanilla pods to make 500ml ice cream – very intense. That's why I had to call it very vanilla ice cream, because it's not your usual vanilla ice cream.

On making ice cream, you can look at my first attempt here , which covers the basics. For this version, get your 3 vanilla pods ready, by slitting them and scraping the black stuff (i.e the seeds) out with a teaspoon. 

Next, Warm 125ml fresh organic milk with 250ml heavy cream and 100g of caster sugar in a sauce pan. After 1 minute, add the vanilla seeds and place the pods in as well, turn off the heat and leave to steep for 30 minutes.


In a large bowl, mix 2 egg yolks with 1 whole egg and placing a strainer over this bowl, pour the vanilla and cream mixture in, and place back onto the stove and warm gently on a medium heat, mixing with a wooden spoon, scraping the pan to ensure that the cream doesn't burn. This should take about 5 minutes.

Take off the heat and pour the mixture into a bowl, set inside a larger bowl with iced water and stir for about 8-10 minutes until the creamy mixture cools. Place to vanilla pods into the mixture and pour it into a plastic bowl into the fridge for at least 6 hours. When you are ready, just take out the pods or beans and pour the mixture into the ice cream maker and churn.


There, intense vanilla ice cream and every mouth full is guaranteed tons of vanilla seeds, a bit crunchy, but delightful nevertheless. 


Serve in a cone, coffee cup or in a glass. 


On another occasion, Yes ! I've made it twice, I added about 2 tablespoons of chocolate ganache to give it a chocolate edge, more with colour than taste.


Serve with a light summer tart or just on its own.