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Not sure what you think about this, but I just love the colours and when I saw a picture of it in Bill Granger's "Feed Me Now" cookbook, I knew I was sold. My first confession of today is that this was actually yesterday's breakfast, but as I was having problems logging onto typepad, I wasn't able to share the experience freshly – does that make sense ? However, being a bit of a visionary when it comes to preparing food in any case, as my wife would let you know, I already had the vision of my next post a few days ago as reading "Today's breakfast", so here it is, and of course, it's so simple. 

You just need …..

2 free range organic eggs (I can't digest non-organic eggs, but if you can, then use free range eggs)

A bit of olive oil for frying the eggs

small strips of fresh radicchio salad leaves

A day old ciabatta bread

Chilli powder or chilli flakes

Salt (I used chilli salt, bought from Cape Town)

non-stick frying pan

First up, heat the olive oil in the frying pan on medium to high heat, then through in tiny bits of half a hand full of ciabatta bread, together with some chilli powder or chilli flakes. As soon as the the chilli begins to sizzles, through in some radicchio leaves (I advise about 3 strips) quickly followed your eggs – break them slowly so that the egg yolks don't scatter. 


Fry to your liking, but for this I kept the yolks a bit runny. You can place the eggs on top of lightly toasted ciabatta, which is what I did, or just on top of a plate. When ready to serve, throw the remaining radicchio leaves on top, sprinkle with sea salt of chilli salt like me, et voila, fried eggs, with torn bread, chilli and radicchio leaves.


Sometimes the best things in life are so simple. I showed the pictures to my kids and of course they said,"you always make the best stuff for yourself daddy" but I reminded my daughter that she didn't like radicchio, but smartly she replied "I'll have everything except the red leaves"

Enjoy !

Inspired by a very similar recipe in Bill Granger's Feed Me Now