Apple, Vanilla & Cinnamon Tart, originally uploaded by Lameen.

After making the fig and taleggio tarts, I had just about enough short crust pastry to cover a 24 cm spring form cake tin, looked into the fridge and saw a bag of apples abandoned by the family and instantly new what dessert was going to consist off. Then looking across the kitchen I saw some more of my vanilla pods and decided to add vanilla seeds and of course cinnamon because I love the way vanilla, cinnamon and apples taste – they go together like best friends. I really wanted to keep it simple, so I avoided any egg or butter mixture and thought that the rich buttery short crust pastry would be more than adequate, but of course I added just a little bit of sugar to tighten the apples down tot he pastry. And so, here we are, a simple "impress your friends" dessert. You need…

Store bought short crust pastry, enough to cover a 24 cm spring form pan (about 200g)
3 ready to eat apples, cored, peeled and cut into chunks
1 teaspoon of cinnamon
1 Vanilla pod, seeds scraped out
50g of caster sugar

Tools are 24cm springform cake tin, baking weights/beans, baking paper, rolling pin and board and of course oven on 180C.

First up, defrost your pastry, place a lightly floured board and roll flat and place into the buttered spring form cake tin. There should be enough pastry for it to roll up the sides of the tin. Place in the fridge, whilst the oven gets hot enough. Take the cake tin out and place your cooking weights/beans on top of the baking paper, which should snugly sit on top of the pastry. I must confess, I used a heavy 22 cm cake tin instead – I said this was a simple but slightly lazy recipe didn't I ? OK ! bake the tart on 180C for about 10 minutes. During this time get your apples ready and place them in a bowl with the sugar, vanilla seeds and cinnamon. As I was a bit lazy, I cut the apples very roughly but if you want it to look really nice, try cutting them as slices. As soon as the tart is ready, just put the apple mixture on top of the slightly baked pastry and put back in the oven for about 20 minutes, until the pastry begins to get medium brown and apples have softened… and it is ready to eat.

Depending on your apples, you may find that the apples on the tart are not that sweet, but just sprinkle with caster or better still icing sugar and serve with freshly whipped cream and of course ice cream. 


This can also be eaten cold, so don't waste it.

Enjoy !

Recipe inspired by me when I was feeling a bit lazy but nevertheless wanted something delicious to eat.