Meringue Cupcakes with Chocolate, originally uploaded by Lameen.

I'm getting there, so bear with me. I've now got for the moment, regular internet access at home, so I should be able to maintain my weekly target of sharing tips on my blog. I thought that as I have now "landed" in Cape Town, I should share a Cape Town inspired recipe with you, which I found in a South African food magazine about 2 months before I moved here. It's from a true Capetonian, who runs a lovely eatery called "Queen of Tarts". Tarts being stuff to do with pastry, etc. In any case, when I saw a pic in the magazine, I was sold and ventured into my "a tasty experiment" phase and here we are.

As usual, I've tweeked it a bit to suit my own buds, so here goes, step by step;

You need:

5 free range egg whites
250g caster sugar
2 table spoons plain (all purpose) flour
1 dessert spoon of cornflour
50g of toasted blanched almonds
12 cup muffin pan.
12 muffin cups
Oven on 150C

To serve, whipped cream and melted chocolate and lots of space in your tummy.

Lightly toast your blanched almonds in a frying pan, stirring for about 5 minutes – don't let them burn.

To make the meringues, I'm following , where she advises, 1 large egg white per 50g of caster sugar, so whip up your egg whites with an electric whisk (if you do this be hand, you'll either develop huge biceps in 30 minutes or your arm will fall off). Once you get to the white stiff peak stage, sift the sugar in gently, whilst still whisking with the other – and who said men couldn't do more than one thing at once ? Once all the sugar has been incorporated, add your cornflour and plain flour very gently and whisk until smooth, another 2-3 minutes should do.

Pour the meringue half way into the muffin cups, place some almonds inside and cover with the rest of the meringue mixture, topped with more almond sprinkles. CAUTION – lease some space at the top of the muffin cups as these babies are going to rise quite a bit.

Place in the oven between 120-150 C. If using a fan oven, use 120C, if a normal oven, use 150 C. Bake for about 1 hour, turn the oven off and leave inside for another 20 minutes, then take them out of the oven. during this time prepare the chocolate, by breaking about 70g dark chocolate (cocoa solids at least 60%) into a small sauce pan , which you should heat until just melted – say about 4-5 minutes. For the cream, just whisk about 200ml single cream until shaving foam consistency or thick enough to scoop up with a spoon without it dripping. 

For the next bit, you have to be careful – slightly crack the top of the hollow meringue cup cake and spoon some cream inside, then drizzle your chocolate over the top. 


Yummy ! As I was the only one brave enough to want this at home, I had to eat almost all of them, with a little help from my son. Meringues are not that easy to store. so I would suggest you make this when you have friends over, if not you'll get stuffed like the meringues with chocolate and cream. It is best to serve as you need, so don't put any cream inside until you are ready to eat them. In the winter when I made them, back in October, but it is summer here in SA, the chocolate hardened a bit as in the above picture, which made it crunchy and delicious.

Inspired by a recipe by Tina Bester in her latest book "Queen of Tarts" in the magazine Food and Home Entertaining, November 2009