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What is Normal Cake ?, originally uploaded by Lameen.

What is normal may not be normal, what is normal is normal…. not sure if the cold is playing with my mind, but one reason for missing my self-imposed deadline of blogging on a weekly basis is that everytime I sit down in my cold dining room to blog, I run away because of the cold. So, now I've got woolie hat and scarf to sit down and write this. So, what is normal cake ? It's probably the type of cake they get you to bake when you start baking school after getting familiar with eggs, flour and sugar. It's probably the type of cake you first tasted. It's probably the cake they use to teach you icing skills. The list can go on, but it's just normal and by that I mean it's just eggs, sugar, flour and butter – no fancy smancy stuff. For me, it reminds me off my childhood – the unused sugary batter always brought delight to me and my siblings. It also falls into my concept of "maximum taste", where every bite should resemble the next bite, yum.

Now, I often bake this cake when I can't be bothered to melt chocolate, grate apples, squeeze lemons or have run out of ripe bananas (to make banana cake) OR better, just want something sweet to eat, which requires no hassle (for me in any case) to bake. S you need:

4 free range or organic eggs, separated
200g of plain/all-purpose flour
225g of caster sugar
200g of unsalted butter
1 teaspoon of baking powder
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract

First up, mix the butter and sugar until uniform in colour;
Then add the egg yolks and mix well until meshed in with the butter-sugar combination.
Add the vanilla extract
Whisk the egg whites until soft peaks form and
Fold into the egg/butter/sugar mixture
Combine the flour and baking powder together and
Sift in about 4 batches into the mixture

A note before we proceed – I separate the eggs and sift the flour to give the cake a lighter texture, if not the cake would be similar to a pound cake and more dense in texture.

Okay, let's carry on. If you do have a lemon, you can squeeze some into the cake mixture.

Pour the cake mixture into a well greased 20cm spring form baking tin and bake for about 30 minutes on 170C. Check the centre of the cake with a cake tester and if it coms out dryish, then it's ready. Let cool in the tin and then unmould and delight your taste buds.

Other serving suggestions

Once completely cool, sprinkle with icing sugar as in the pic above.

Serve with a scoop of ice cream on a hot day

Eat with black coffee

Recipe by Moi