Escape Caffe Food , originally uploaded by Lameen.

I know it's been a while but I've been so busy setting up my cafe in the centre of Cape Town that I haven't had the time to sit down and share tasty recipes with you, but I have an excuse – setting up the fial stages of my cafe. So, you'll be glad to know that we fully opened from last week, 13 September 2010. We are located at Escape Caffe, 130 Bree Street, Cape Town. The main focus is on great coffee, but complimented with great tea, organic ice tea, organic juices, pastries, wholesome sandwiches, light bites and of course desserts like cakes and muffins. Above is a snapshot of what's on offer for now. I'm sourcing my croissants and pastries from a French bakery that imports its flour from France, so the taste should remind you of Paris. Of course, I'm making the cheesecake and last week I offered my Italian version, using amaretti biscuits for the base and using the Italian cheeses (mascarpone and ricotta for the top). Everyone brave enough to order it, liked it thank God. For encouragement, a lady came in and said "I just want the cheesecake". Another said "I need to take this home for my mum". So, the ladies love the cheesecake. Next week I plan to do my London version – wish me luck.

I'm also offering home-made muesli, served with yoghurt and fresh fruit for breakfast to compliment the croissants and artisanal baked bread for toast.

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Ciao !