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NY Style Brekkie, originally uploaded by Lameen.

A nice easy one for you to try this weekend. I just got inspired for something that reminded me of New York Cuisine, so think Reubenish sandwich for breakfast, which means Beef Pastrami, but add the ever popular fried eggs and some grilled cheese and Little Italy and we get my concept of NY Brekkie – a nice simple breakfast for the family, which is what I cooked last Saturday with a little help from my aspiring chef, my 10 year old daughter. You need:

Free Range Eggs (2 per person)
Good Pepper Crusted Grade A Beef Pastrami
One Day old Ciabatta (because it is better toasted)
Cheddar Cheese
Green Chillies (optional)
Good frying pan with some vegetable oil
Knowledge of how to fry eggs (a must)
A helpful daughter (optional of course)

First up, prepare all your ingredients that don't need frying, so cut up your day old ciabatta length ways and place in the toaster (if big enough) on a low setting. Cut up your cheese – about two thin slices per person. After your ciabatta has been lightly toasted, place 2 slices of beef pastrami on top, pop into the grill for about 3-5 minutes as pastrami will grill very quickly and begin to dry out – get your assistant to watch this, whilst you fry your eggs.

I recommend a softish yolk for your eggs, because you will place your fried eggs on top of the grilled pastrami and top with sliced chillies and cheddar cheese, which you will pop back under the grill to melt the cheese, cooking the yolk again. In any case, runny yolk taste better and it kinda reminds you of the yellow cabs of NY, hmmmm!

Yep ! that's it folks – as they would say in NY, so eat up, enjoy and sample a bit of NY style, courtesy of moi.

Excuse my slight tendency to bring Americanism into some of the lingo above, but it kind of goes with the whole concept.

Recipe by moi (yipee) because I wanted a NY Style Brekkie