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Huevos Rancheros by Lameen

Wow ! it’s been soooooo long since I posted a blog on my baking/cooking site that you’d think I had been fasting for years. BUT, please forgive me ? Thanks! On that fasting thing, I thought it best to begin naturally with BREAK-Fast, so here we have my own version (and there are many by lots of peeps) of the Mexican Breakfast Classic, Huevos Rancheros, Huevos Rancheros – I love saying this. As you may know, but I hasten to remind, I love simple things that give maximum flavour – part of my philosophy on life of being pragmatic (or practical), so I’m going to keep this real simple, so get

2 free-range (ideally organic) eggs

1 large green chilli – chopped into bits

1 clove of garlic, sliced lengthways

1 ripe tomato, cut into tiny cubes

3 table spoons of olive oil (I prefer olive oil, as it adds flavour, but you can use sunflower oil)

¼ sliced red onion (you can use the remaining ¾ for dinner later in the evening)

A good non-stick heavy based frying pan (if you can afford it, a 26cm diameter Le Creuset pan)

Now, I assume you’re in your kitchen – if not, get in there.

Put the stove on medium to high heat, pour you olive oil into your frying pan, ensuring that it covers the base and as it heats up, quickly chop up your ingredients, except the egg LOL!

Once the oil is hot, place the sliced red onions in the pan first & fry for about 2 minutes, then add the garlic, chillies and tomatoes with a pinch of salt – season with black pepper and cumin if you prefer.

Turn the heat down to medium (i.e. if you have 6 dials, put it down to 3).

Keep frying until the tomatoes begin to reduce with their water evaporating – say about another 5 minutes. Be careful you don’t burn any ingredients, so continually give your ingredients a good stir.

Now, break your eggs one at a time into the frying pan and fry for another 2 minutes if you like your yolk soft or for a further 4 minutes if you like the yolk hard.

TIP: To get the yolks harder faster without flipping upside down, place a dessert spoon carefully into the frying pan, avoiding scratching it, scoop out some hot oil and continuously pour over the egg yolk until it’s to your liking.  

Now, the tricky bit – carefully slide the eggs and tomato/onion/chilli mixture onto your plate with a large spatula. Top with fresh coriander and serve with flat breads, warm soft tortillas or your favourite gourmet bread.