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If this was a song, it would be

Ricotta Hotcakes

Produced by Bill Granger and his team of Aussie chefs

Remix and additional production by Lameen for A Tasty Blog Productions

OK! so like 20 years ago I wanted to be a DJ and music producer. So, what’s changed with my fave Aussie brekkie, thus far. For one, the quality of the ingredients really makes a difference, topped up with literally a change in the way I mix the ricotta. For reference, here’s a link to the original recipe, posted 2 years ago.

Don’t want to put down the South African Dairy cows (because that’s what I used previously whilst I lived there), but the Italian ricotta I used for this remixed recipe really changed my perspective on this breakfast cum dessert. I also used organic free range eggs (easy to get in Europe) and increased the sugar content by a little bit. What amazed me was the texture – it really was like a hotcake and was almost melt in your mouth fantastico. So, a quick look at the new recipe and method:

250g Italian Ricotta

2 large organic free range eggs – separated

100g plain flour

70g caster sugar

100ml organic milk

2 teaspoon vanilla essence

Butter for frying

Toppings (roasted pine nuts, honey, fresh figs, Greek yoghurt, mascarpone, bananas, you choose).

Separate and place the egg yolks into a bowl with your ricotta.

Add your 70g caster sugar and then your 100ml organic fresh whole milk

Finally… add your 100g plain flour and mix all the ingredients together – it will be lumpy, but don’t worry.

whisk your egg whites lightly until a bit foamy (in the original, I whisked until white peaks with an electric whisk)

Pour your egg whites into the rest of the mixture and mix all together.

Place a heavy based non-stick frying pan on the stove on medium heat and once hot, place a know of butter.

Before it sizzles – burnt butter isn’t good for this – use a tablespoon to scoop out the mixture and place 4 lumps into your 28′ frying pan.

Once placed into the pan, flatten out a bit with the base of the spoon.

FRY for about 2 minutes each side and turn over gently

They should look like this…. sorry! IPad picture

Continue for another 2 minutes and fry about 8 of them.

Top with your chosen toppings. For the recipe on top, I poached pears with cinnamon for 40 minutes, sliced them and topped with roasted pine nuts and drizzled with honey – indulgence, but you only live once. I also tried it with fresh figs and natural organic yoghurt, below.

When I finished my breakfast, I literally praised God for creating such amazing ingredients, when mixed, give such great joy to the stomach, WOW and CIAO!