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OK! I’m still stuck on breakfast – my last three posts depict this – but you’ve got to admit, starting off your day, whether you are heading off to work, staying in on a raining Sunday, shopping, doing school runs, treating the kids and so forth needs some excitement and a good breakfast helps a lot.

Smoked salmon LOVES creamy srambled eggs

I have to admit, this combination never entered my mind, until I went to Cape Town and a customer at my caffe asked “can I have smoked salmon and scrambled eggs, cooked together?” My reply ”well of course” with a quizzical look. Today, it’s on our menu and one of the most popular breakfast dishes. It’s only afterwards that I found out that it’s quite popular in upmarket cafes dotted around Cape Town.

As you know, I love food that’s really simple to cook or bake, but depicts “maximum” flavour and you couldn’t get simpler than this, at least with eggs. The robust flavour of smoked salmon coupled together with buttery fried “creamy” scrambled eggs – creamy because of how they look as opposed to using cream – is a wonderful pick me up to the day.

So, here we go;

Per person:

2 organic free-range eggs

A sheet of smoked salmon – size of your hand, cut into 4

Dessert spoon of unsalted butter

Salt (season to taste)

A good heavy based frying pan

A wooden spoon

Finish off with freshly milled black pepper, of course.

You can add: slices of avocado, sourdough toasts, fresh tomatoes and rocket as an accompaniment if you wish, like I prefer to do.

I assume, like all economist do, that you know how to crack and egg and scramble eggs. So the hard bit is getting your smoked salmon neatly out of the pack without covering your hands in that sticky and smelly stuff around smoked salmon,

Place your non-stick frying pan on medium heat with half a dessert spoon of unsalted butter.

Place your smoked salmon into the frying pan

Whilst the smoked salmon is cooking, beat your eggs (2 per person) with a little salt.

Look at your salmon and if the very pink colour is beginning to get paler, turn over and then pour your eggs in with the remaining half a dessert spoon of butter.

Scramble your eggs lightly by making sure that the eggs don’t overcook – the whole process should take 2 minutes maximum and the eggs should look scrambled but should be together like thick lumpy cream – hence creamy scrambled eggs. Now, add freshly milled black pepper.

Well! The rest is logical, I think, place onto your plate and enjoy.